Specializing in 1980-1981 Turbocharged 4.9 (301) Pontiac Trans Ams and Firebird Formulas.​


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If you are looking to convert your Turbo 4.9 or non-turbo 301 to a manual transmission, we now offer a billet steel flywheel.  You no longer have to source a used 1979 301 4-speed flywheel for your conversion.  Our 1045 billet steel flywheels come set up for the external balance of the 301 and are SFI certified.  It has a bolt on weight to make it easy for any competent machine shop to have it "match balanced" to your original automatic transmission flexplate (weight not shown in pic).  Or you can send us your flexplate and we will have it match balanced for you for an additional cost.

4-speed Flywheel

$275.00 (flywheel only) +shipping