Carburetor Rebuilding Service


Specializing in 1980-1981 Turbocharged 4.9 (301) Pontiac Trans Ams and Firebird Formulas.​

Rebuilds start at $300.00 (+ shipping)

Lead times vary.  Please contact us for lead time to have your carburetor rebuilt.

TTA Performance is now offering carburetor rebuilding for your 1980 or 1981 Turbo 4.9.  Our basic rebuild cost is $300.00 and consists of the following:

-Complete tear down and evaluation of all components.

-Ultrasonic cleaning and soda blasting of all components.

-Throttle blades adjusted for a full 90° opening.

-Primary throttle shaft bushings installed.

-Main body well plugs removed and screw in plugs epoxied and installed.

-Upgraded primary jets and metering rods.

-Upgraded power piston spring.

-APT screw grooved for adjusting using a flat blade screw driver

-APT plug removed and 1/8" NPT, screw in plug, installed.

-New secondary air valve spring and cam installed.

-Secondary air valve adjusted for full opening.

-Secondary air valve blades notched at fuel opening for better fuel response.

-New idle tubes installed.

-New needle and seat.

-New float.

-New fuel filter.

-New accelerator pump.

-Fast acting choke pull of for quicker opening of secondary air valve (additional $30.00).

-Adjustment screw added for secondary air valve opening (additional $20.00).

-All seals and gaskets are rated for todays Ethanol blended fuels.

Additional cost for any broken or missing components.