TTA Performance is now offering carburetor rebuilding for your 1980 or 1981 Turbo 4.9.  Our basic rebuild cost is $300.00 and consists of the following:

-Complete tear down and evaluation of all components.

-Ultrasonic cleaning and soda blasting of all components.

-Throttle blades adjusted for a full 90° opening.

-Primary throttle shaft bushings installed.

-Main body well plugs removed and screw in plugs epoxied and installed.

-Upgraded primary jets and metering rods.

-Upgraded power piston spring.

-APT screw grooved for adjusting using a flat blade screw driver

-APT plug removed and 1/8" NPT, screw in plug, installed.

-New secondary air valve spring and cam installed.

-Secondary air valve adjusted for full opening.

-Secondary air valve blades notched at fuel opening for better fuel response.

-New idle tubes installed.

-New needle and seat.

-New float.

-New fuel filter.

-New accelerator pump.

-Fast acting choke pull of for quicker opening of secondary air valve (additional $30.00).

-Adjustment screw added for secondary air valve opening (additional $20.00).

-All seals and gaskets are rated for todays Ethanol blended fuels.

Additional cost for any broken or missing components.

Carburetor Rebuilding Service

Rebuilds start at $300.00 (+ shipping)

Lead times vary.  Please contact us at for lead time to have your carburetor rebuilt.


Specializing in 1980-1981 Turbocharged 4.9 (301) Pontiac Trans Ams and Firebird Formulas.​