Specializing in 1980-1981 Turbocharged 4.9 (301) Pontiac Trans Ams and Firebird Formulas.​

The 4.9 Turbo has a special coolant hose that routes from a port behind the thermostat housing, up to the front of the carburetor plenum.  This hose feeds warm, engine coolant to the plenum during cold start up to help with cold driveability.  A direct replacement hose is no longer available. It is not recommended to disconnect and plug off this hose as it will effect cold driveability and may causing icing of the carburetor when driving in colder climates.

TTA Performance offers a black nylon braided hose with black anodized AN fittings.  The hose comes completely assembled with all the necessary fittings and installation instructions to replace the factory rubber hose.

Plenum Coolant Hose

Note: Fittings do not interfere with any components on the engine.

$75.00 (+shipping)

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