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This spacer goes between the turbo compressor housing and the carb plenum.  It is made of a phenolic material.  It's purpose is to insulate the heat from the turbo from spreading into the carburetor plenum to help keep the intake air cool. 

This kit also includes a 1" NPT pipe plug with a recessed 1/2" square drive.  This plug replaced the brass elbow for the EGR tube in the intake manifold.  It's socket style drive gives it a nice flush fit with the intake.  Removing the EGR tube also keeps heat out of the carburetor plenum.  If removing the EGR tube, you will either have to remove and block off the EGR valve or disable it by internally plugging or removing the vacuum hose to it.

Kit comes with 1 phenolic spacer, 2 gaskets and EGR plug.

Turbo to Plenum Spacer Kit

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